Writing a request to be excused from jury duty

Wait to hear back from the courthouse on their decision to officially release you from jury duty. Enter the courthouse through the North entrance, and go to the second floor to the jury assembly room.

It is a good idea to discuss your circumstances with the clerk first, as he or she may be able to save you some time by telling you if your excuse is valid or not.

United States Code 28 Section g.

Jury Services

May I defer my jury service or be excused from serving? You Must be a citizen of the United States be at least 18 years of age be a resident of Sacramento County have sufficient understanding of the English language You Must Not be currently serving as a Grand Juror be under court appointed conservatorship have been convicted of a felony or malfeasance in office and not had your civil rights restored be a Peace Officer pursuant to Click on the location to which you have been summoned for the jury division address to which your request should be mailed: Please keep in mind that even certain everyday items scissors, pocket knives, etc.

Send an email, letter or fax stating the applicable paragraph. More On This Topic. Send an email, letter or fax stating relevant facts. A person who is necessarily and personally responsible for a person having a physical or mental impairment requiring continuous care by him during normal court hours.

The consequences of not reporting for jury service are severe. Your name is randomly selected from a list that is currently provided by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

You may use public transportation, such as a bus. The court will not pay for parking tickets. If you have your own medical condition that requires treatment throughout the day using equipment that cannot be taken to court, your request to be excused may be approved.

I live a long distance from the courthouse and may prefer to spend the night in the city where the courthouse is located. All jurors must call the automated juror messaging system at to verify if their attendance will be necessary.

If serving on a jury will put you or your family in financial risk, explain this to the courts in detail. If I serve on a jury, how long will it be before I can be called again?

Can I fill out and print a juror excusal request on-line? Your first day of service is normally limited to jury selection for trials held during the following trial week. Back up your excuse with documentation. You will be expected to be available to appear whenever instructed during your time of service.

Jury Service

The prospective juror has no reasonably available means of public or private transportation. What if I am late? Click here for a list of the cities and counties in the Eastern District. What do I need to know before reporting?

Send an e-mail, letter or fax stating relevant facts. Please include a copy of the official jury certificate you received at the end of your jury service. DO NOT WEAR shorts, jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, flip flops, sandals or shirts that reveal printed material that alludes to offensive or illegal activities.

A verdict in a civil case may be a finding for the plaintiff or for the defendant. Due to the fact that most court weeks begin on Monday, the recorded message is activated from 5: Parking is available on side streets and in residential areas around the courthouse. If juror would miss one or two days of service, send e-mail, letter or fax stating the reasons.

Adjudicated mentally incompetent and not had rights restored. However, you may request to be excused due to age at 70 years. All jurors are expected to checkout the morning of their last day of service.

Petit jurors rarely need to report to the courthouse every day of their two-week term of service.WARNING! Jury scams target the Thurston County community. Scammers are calling and writing people and saying they missed jury duty.

They are not court staff or from the sheriff’s office -- they are trying to steal your money or commit identity theft.

If you have a compelling reason to be excused from jury service (extreme inconvenience or undue hardship), you must notify the jury office in writing. ** NEW PHONE NUMBER ** Jury service is one jury trial or one day of service.

If you are not assigned to a courtroom at the end of your first day of appearance, you will have completed your jury service for one year. Jury Duty Excuse From Employer, Free sample and example letters. Sample Letters for Jury Duty Excuse From Employer - iSampleLetter.

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EXCUSE FROM JURY DUTY, #2 [Date] [NAME AND ADDRESS, ex. Tom Atkinson 14 Edith Street, Hackney West, ZIP POST CODE] Dear [NAME, ex. Tom Atkinson], We are the employer of [NAME, ex.

Joe Williams] who has recently been requested by your office to serve as juror.

Writing a request to be excused from jury duty
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